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Not Everybody Must Get Stoned, But He Did

I’m sorry I’m late with this. Here it is, St. John’s day, and I’m just catching up with the wonderful patristic material on St. Stephen at Gashwin Gomes’s blog. Please pray for Gashwin’s dad, btw, who’s undergoing radiation.

As for St. John: Even though I’m a proud graduate of St. John the Evangelist Grade School in Pittston, Pa., I think my little brain maxed out on the evangelist with my post on Christmas Eve.

St. John, St. Stephen, pray for us!

One thought on “Not Everybody Must Get Stoned, But He Did

  1. Thanks for the link, as well as the prayers! Oh, and guess what one of the books I got for Christmas was? “The Fathers of the Church” by one Mike Aquilina … :-)

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