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Sightseeing in the Ancient World

Adrian “Cool Papa” Murdoch turns us on to an exhibit in Istanbul that gives “mind-blowing reconstructions” of the sights of ancient Byzantium. Adrian is author of several excellent histories, including The Last Pagan: Julian the Apostate and the Death of the Ancient World and The Last Roman: Romulus Augustulus and the Decline of the West, both of which I read and enjoyed during my Christmas travels. I promise a full review in the months ahead.

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  1. Museum homepage has pictures:
    Also noteworthy – a 2-part German TV special (could EWTN buy rights to dub into English?) on the siege of Constantinople from the perspective of the Pope’s envoy Nicholas Kusanus (“Der Zuschauer erkundet die bedeutendste GroƟstadt der damaligen Zeit gemeinsam mit einem pƤpstlichen Gesandten aus Rom. Nikolaus von Kues, genannt Kusanus, ist Theologe, Gelehrter, Diplomat und Wissenschaftler) – (The viewer discovers the most important metropolis of its time together with a papal envoy from Rome. Nicholas of Kues, named Kusanus, is a theologian, scholar, diplomat and scientist) Fly through reconstructions of the city’s architecture offer insights to the dilemma: go it alone and trust in the huge defensive walls or accept the Latin “allies” who had sacked the city 200 years earlier (price? Papal fielty).,1970,2769407,00.html

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