4 thoughts on “Art of the Ancient Church

  1. Thanks! Its a real treat to drop into your blog and follow these re-discoveries of the truth ancient and yet still new! I would take issue though with the description of the sarcophagus numbered Vatican Inv. 31463 – that’s an early vernicle (popular on Russian Orthodox icons, called a Mandelion in byzantine art and what we know as the Veil of Veronica, Vere Icona, not “showing use of traditional Roman (pagan) elements along with Christian themes. Winged victories hold a portrait of the deceased.” Did that description come from the Vatican or from the photographer?

  2. That’s not a Vatican website, so it must be the text provided by Servius.org.

  3. I was mistaken – the kind folks at Servius set me right, a vernicle wouldn’t feature hand gestures just the holy face. My bad!

  4. Thanks for following up, Clare.

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