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Call for Volunteers

I don’t know why I never (till now) bothered to look at the Wikipedia entry on Patristics. There’s not much of an article there — just a “stub,” as they say. But it’s got some great links to online texts of the Fathers, in the original languages and in translation.

Who will rise to the occasion and turn that stub into a worthwhile article? It should be enough to mine the best stuff in the out-of-copyright manuals from the early 20th century.

It would be interesting to find out the copyright status of Schmid, Bardenhewer, Cayre, Tixeront, Cross, Dirksen, and Altaner. I suppose those last two are too recent to be in the public domain. What about the others?

One thought on “Call for Volunteers

  1. It’s actually pretty easy to tell that certain things are available. At least in the US, anything with a copyright before 1923 is in the clear. That definitely covers Schmid and Bardenhewer; Tixeront is right on the border (I’d have to see a title page to be sure). The others all could be in the public domain if their copyrights were not renewed, but that’s harder to tell.

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