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Titanic Stupidity

I leave the office for just a couple of days, and what happens? The guy who steered the silver-screen Titanic to its watery grave now takes his show onto land and digs up the mausoleum of the Christ Family. Or something like that.

Did he follow clues gleaned from between the lines of the Gospel of Judas? Or did the Louvre’s curator carve directional signs around his navel as he lay dying?

Can credulity be strained any more? Or is the elastic gone by now?

While I’m trying to catch up with the phone and email messages that piled up while I was away, please visit Mark Goodacre for good posts and links to even more good posts.

ALSO WHILE I WAS OUT: I got to spend a fleeting moment in Fort Wayne with my old blogging friend Michael Dubruiel. Mike too has posted on the aforementioned pseudo-archeology. You should own Mike’s books, by the way, especially this one: The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything You Need to Know but No One Ever Taught You.