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That’s the Spirit!

This from Father Richard John Neuhaus, in the current edition of First Things:

Of the launching of new journals there is no end. Thank God. Here is Letter & Spirit, an annual published by the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology of Steubenville, Ohio, and edited by the noted Catholic apologist Scott Hahn. The first issue has a splendid article on biblical interpretation by Robert Louis Wilken of the University of Virginia. “Allegory is the Church’s love affair with the Bible, he writes. From there Wilken goes on to critique the limitations of the modern preoccupation with the historical or ‘literal’ meaning of biblical texts.” …

There is much more of interest in Letter & Spirit. For instance, Avery Cardinal Dulles on how the teaching of the Second Vatican Council on Scripture and tradition has been misunderstood — sometimes deliberately, or so it seems. And John Cavadini of Notre Dame on the use of Scripture in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. An additional and attractive feature of the journal is the reprinting of texts of enduring interest by figures as diverse as Augustin Cardinal Bea, Hugh of St. Victor, and Hans Urs von Balthasar.

Father Neuhaus spends more than a page of his monthly ramble, “The Public Square,” raving about Letter & Spirit. I’m very happy because I’ve been with the St. Paul Center since Day One, and I’m awfully fond of my colleagues. I think you’ll love Letter & Spirit, because it’s chockfull of the Fathers, just the way you’d want it to be.

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  1. I got my wife volumes 1 & 2 for her birthday recently. I’ll read them once I can pry them from her hands.

    The resources provided by the St. Paul Center are amazing! It seems like once a week one of us turns to the other and says, “why wasn’t I taught this?” We can’t thank you guys enough for the work you’re doing. You’re true fishers of men and you can count on our support and prayers as you throw out your nets!


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