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Nouveaux Riches

Sophia Institute Press has just re-released Henri Daniel-Rops’ What Is the Bible?, a good, intelligent introductory work that was originally produced for the Twentieth-Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism.

Daniel-Rops was a great historian and an immortal of the French Academy. He’s remembered and justly beloved for such popular historical studies as Daily Life in the Time of Jesus and The Book of Mary. His two-volume work The Church of Apostles and Martyrs was my early introduction to the world of the Church Fathers. Daniel-Rops is a lively storyteller, and his books are page-turners. I’m pleased to see so many of them in print, and others coming back into print. We live in great times.

3 thoughts on “Nouveaux Riches

  1. I, too, was introduced to world of the Fathers by the works of Daniel-Rops. His books are informative, easy-to-read, and spirit-lifting. Many historians today could learn a thing or two from him.

  2. I’m another big Daniel-Rops fan. Not so btw, Daniel-Rops was his pen name. His given name was Henri Petiot.

    I strongly recommend “Daily Life,” “Book of Mary,” and his other popular Jesus book, “Jesus and His Times.” He also wrote a great “coffee table” book about the Latin Mass called “This is the Mass.” Extra bonus: the photos are of Bishop Fulton Sheen celebrating the Mass, and the pictures were taken by Yousef Karsh.

    I’m delighted to see his work coming back into print.

  3. Mike:
    I’ll have to check out if his books have been republished in French. They sound very good


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