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Keeping Abreast

I just got word that Catholic for a Reason IV: Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life is now in the warehouse. My wife Terri and I contributed a chapter I think you’ll enjoy. It’s titled “Milk and Mystery: On Breastfeeding and the Theology of the Body.” We linger long, of course, over Scripture and the Fathers, calling to witness Clement of Alexandria, Ephrem, Irenaeus, Augustine, and the apocryphal “Odes of Solomon.” The volume is co-edited by two of my good friends and sometime co-authors, Scott Hahn and Regis Flaherty. This is a book you’ll want to latch on to. It’s also a perfect Mother’s Day gift (along with this one), a gift for newlyweds, expectant parents, and even the more seasoned sort who like to ponder their vocation to marriage and parenting.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Abreast

  1. Congratulations! And what is the title of the book you and Lea Marie Ravotti are working on?

  2. We’ve tentatively titled it “Hope Is an Anchor.” That one’s got miles to go before publication, though. Keep us in prayer!

  3. Latch on to? I’m speechless ….

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