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Parlez-Vous Franciscan?

Yours Truly is speaking once again this year at Franciscan University’s Defending the Faith Conference, July 27-29. I’ll be talking about the perennial appeal of the Church Fathers — drawing, at least in part, from my experience with this blog!

I’ll also be signing my books. If all goes well, I’ll go home with some repetitive-motion problem in my signing hand.

As usual, the conference will be preceded by intensive educational opportunities at the Applied Biblical Studies Conference, July 25-27.

Any chance I’ll see you there?

4 thoughts on “Parlez-Vous Franciscan?

  1. I thought you would be leading that Roman pilgrimage by now??

  2. Hello – I will be at the Applied Bible Studies Conference, but will not be able to stay for the Defending the Faith Conference. Maybe next year. Keep up the great blogs!

  3. Hmmm. How far a drive is Cincinnati to Steubenville? May need to do a road trip.

  4. I’ve got my husband very interested in the Defending the Faith conference. Oh, I hope we can go. I’m so glad I visit your blog, for I’d never have known about the conference. Thanks, as always!

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