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I Have Come Not to Be Serb, But to Serbia

Here’s a great story.

Archaeologists unearth 4th century church in Serbia

BELGRADE — Archaeologists have discovered a 4th century Christian church in southern Serbia, the Blic newspaper reported Tuesday.

“It’s an exceptional discovery,” Gordana Jeremic, the lead archaeologist at the Mediana site near the city of Nis, was quoted as saying.

The ruins were located only several meters (feet) from another church that was discovered in 2000, the paper reported.

The excavation also unearthed more than 600 objects including coins, jewels, utensils, and frescos.

“The discovery of a bronze ring decorated with a cross is particularly important because it proves that Christians lived here,” Jeremic said.

Mediana, once a Roman vacation resort, is located on the outskirts of Nis, the birthplace of Roman emperor Constantine The Great, which at the time was known as Niassus.

2 thoughts on “I Have Come Not to Be Serb, But to Serbia

  1. Europeans call the fourth century the third century? Are you sure? :-S As far I was aware, 301-400 is universally known as the fourth century.

  2. You seem to be right, at least according to Wikipedia. I was probably mistaken because what the Italians call the Quattrocento is the fifteenth century (U.S.). I fixed the post, so that I’m not passing out misinformation. Thanks for the correction.

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