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Photos from Rome

Junior has posted his still photos from last week’s Rome-Assisi pilgrimage. Yes, he has a way of catching me at my least photogenic. Other photographers make me look like Cary Grant; he makes me look like Mr. Lunt from “Veggie Tales.” But, then again, other photographers have PhotoShop, and Junior doesn’t.

Here’s my Charles Dickens moment at the Catacombs of St. Callixtus.

Say hello to St. Gregory the Illuminator, statuesque at St. Peter’s. (I still think that, with a name like that, he should be the title role in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

And, yes, Junior was that close to the Pope.

Video is still to come.

5 thoughts on “Photos from Rome

  1. Gorgeous pictures of Rome, some -er- interesting ones of you! I wonder, though, did David H. actually get to see Rome, or was he asleep the whole time? Just askin’…

  2. See it? He narrowly missed being elected mayor. He had to settle for an honorary title, “Il Duce.”

  3. thank you so much for the pictures….what a wonderful “adventure” it was!

  4. thanks for sharing the pictures, thanks for doing what you do……great pilgramage! Cheryl Omaha, Ne

  5. Some of your readers may wonder who Gregory the Illuminator was. He was the man who in late Roman times converted the Armenians to Christianity. He associated it very closely with Armenian national identity, with the result that Persian attempts to convert them to Magianism at sword-point simply spurred on national resistance. His disciples created the Armenian alphabet, and set up an Armenian monastery in Jerusalem to copy books, translate them and send them back to the old country. As a result various Greek texts exist in Armenian translation, when the original is lost. Examples include Irenaeus “Demonstration of the Apostolic preaching” and Eusebius of Caesarea’s “Chronicle”.

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