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Athanasius, Call Your Office

I’m not making this up. An outfit calling itself the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is reviving the Arian heresy and has even canonized “the Venerable Arius of Alexandria, Priest and Martyr.”

I find it lovely that these folks took their name from the Nicene Creed, not the Apostles’ Creed.

Thanks to beloved godson David Mills for passing this on.

2 thoughts on “Athanasius, Call Your Office

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  2. no wonder
    Arianism, as a neoplatonic rationalization of Revelation, never disappear from men’s mind arrogance
    further more, i could say that it was always at the foundation of what we call Enlightment
    (this is one more reason why Gregory of Nyssa’s writings are so precious for us nowdays)

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