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Papal Chain

Week before last, I was in Chicago for the Religious Book Trade Expo. I was there to promote my new collection of historical sketches, The Resilient Church: The Glory, the Shame, and the Hope for Tomorrow. The featured author for my other publisher, Our Sunday Visitor, was John Salza. I was pleased as any patristic nerd should be to receive a signed copy of John’s new book, The Biblical Basis for the Papacy. So nerdy am I that I started reading it that very night and couldn’t put it down till I was quite done. John is an attorney, and he knows how to work — economically and forcefully — with evidence. The book presents a concise but complete argument (actually many arguments, from many angles). Visitors to this blog will be especially pleased to read chapter eight, “What Did the Fathers Say,” a 27-page catena of texts on many aspects of the papacy, again usefully arranged. I highly recommend this book.

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  1. where is his blog? it’s not obvious on his webpage.

  2. He doesn’t have a blog that I know of. When I said “visitors to this blog,” I meant this one that you’re on right now. Sorry about that.

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