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Epiphanius the Enabler

He said: “The acquisition of Christian books is necessary for those who can use them. For the mere sight of these books renders us less inclined to sin, and incites us to believe more firmly in righteousness.”

I’m not making this up just to justify my expenses to my wife. It’s in this wonderful book, on page 58.

Thanks to Gretchen the book addict, who sent me off in search of that quote.

4 thoughts on “Epiphanius the Enabler

  1. Thank you:Epiphanius! Bishop of Cyprus and a disciple of Abba Hilarion. Now I can buy those books I wanted, with a clear conscience.


  2. Does Epiphanius give any advice about how to raise the money I need to buy all the good books I’m itching to own?

  3. Dare I show this to my husband? It is the perfect alibi!

  4. Love it! Now I need it on a T-shirt….

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