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Jesus and the Mysteries

Hey, what are the chances you can make it to Pittsburgh Friday and Saturday, October 26-27?

I ask because I know of a conference you won’t want to miss. It’s the annual Letter & Spirit Conference, sponsored by the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (of which I am vice-president). The theme, as I stated so baldly in my title, is “Jesus and the Mysteries.” And it’s no mystery why you’ll want to be there.

As always, we’re hosting some excellent scholars, who will deliver the biblical-patristic goods on themes that matter to you and me. For instance:

Dr. Scott Hahn, “What Do We Mean By Mysteries?”

Dr. R.R. Reno, “Sonship, Testing, and the Fear of the Lord”

Dr. Brant Pitre, “Jesus and the Mystery of the Temple”

Dr. Daniel Keating, “Sonship and Salvation”

Father Robert Barron, “Banquet, Sacrifice, and Real Presence: A Biblical Perspective on the Eucharist”

Father Francis Martin, “Jesus and the Jewish Festivals” (the third annual Lawler Lecture)

In addition, there will be a panel discussion featuring all the speakers. Holy Mass will be celebrated by His Excellency, Bishop David Zubik. All events take place on the lovely grounds of St. Paul Seminary in Crafton, Pa. (just outside the city of Pittsburgh).

Now, what (you might ask) is the admission price for such an event?

Brace yourself: just $79. And if you’re a full-time student, it’s only $35. Meals are included, too. You won’t find a better bargain in the entire field of patristics!

Get your registration info online here. Don’t delay in making your reservation. This is our third conference, and the first two were filled to capacity. (Nevertheless, please help us spread the word!)

I’m looking forward to this chance to break bread with you.