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Spirit of Ancient Egypt

I stumbled upon this Egyptology site that has great pages on the Copts, some in English, some in Italian. One English page is especially nice, on Coptic textiles. (We posted on the subject here.) If you like what you see, you’ll probably be interested in this book. And it’s impossible for me to mention the Copts without recommending books by my friend Father Mark Gruber, OSB: : Journey Back to Eden: My Life and Times Among the Desert Fathers and Sacrifice in the Desert: A Study of an Egyptian Minority Through the Prism of Coptic Monasticism. . (My review of Journey Back to Eden is right here.)

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  1. Journey Back to Eden is one of many books and treasures that moved me to become Catholic. I was a priest in the Charismatic Episcopal Church. What an eye opener reading JBE was. To think that there are monks praying all 150 divisions of the Psalms nightly. It is probably folks like them that keep things as sane as much as they are in our current times.

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