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Cardinal Virtue

Pope Benedict named a gaggle of new cardinals today. Two are from the United States, and one of those men, Archbishop Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston (Texas), is a patrologist. He earned his license in patristics at the Pontifical University Augustinianum in Rome. I know no other preacher who produces quotations from the Fathers so readily, from memory. (Back in the day when he was a pastor, I saw him do this at baptisms, funerals, ordinary Sunday Masses, and gatherings of Catholic school teachers.) He is, as you can probably guess, a Pittsburgh priest.

UPDATE: A great quote from Pittsburgh’s Bishop David Zubik, who was a seminary classmate of Cardinal-designate DiNardo: “You can take the priest out of Pittsburgh, but not Pittsburgh out of the priest, and Cardinal-designate DiNardo has been home many times in the last 10 years,” Bishop Zubik said. “I pray that he will be able to continue to come to see us in the years ahead, and we can assure him of a warm Pittsburgh welcome.”

6 thoughts on “Cardinal Virtue

  1. He’s currently my Archbishop, and he still makes active reference to the Fathers, and he’s also not afraid to whip out his Greek New Testament :)

  2. He is my Archbishop as well, and there is nothing more thrilling than one of his sermons where he quotes the Gospel in Greek and then translates on the spot while connecting the teaching of the Fathers to us today. In short, he is a genius and a tremendous pastor. I recall the first time I heard him preach I realised I was in the presence of an Apostle.

  3. Houston, we have a Cardinal! He makes Scripture come alive in a way few are able to do. And yes, he is a genius, tremendous pastor, an Apostle, a very good man. Hail, O Cross, Our Only Hope!

  4. We of San Antonio salute you and pray our own venerable Jose Gomez gets a red hat also. The Church in the US needs these holy, eminent pastors.

  5. Not to dwell on the politics of this but… Does anyone know the number of these Cardinal designates who are considered to be orthodox and strong defenders of the Church’s magesterial teachings? I am curious as to if the Holy Father is making a statement on what type of prelate is eligible to be considered for “promotion” to cardinal under his leadership.

  6. Ditto Alan.

    He is a wonderful archbishop and governs along the lines of JP2, changes hearts by engagement not imposition.

    Deo gratias!

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