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Teach and Preach Like the Fathers

My friend Ken Ogorek has written an innovative catechism. Actually, it’s a retrieval. Ken has reached back to the Fathers’ method of teaching by following the lectionary — the cycle of Old and New Testament readings that are used in the liturgy. It’s titled The Gospel Truth: A Lectionary-Based Catechism for Adults, and it’s a great resource for clergy and catechists. There are more than 400 pages of ready material for homilies and lesson plans that are biblical, doctrinal, and relevant. The Gospel Truth comes with a foreword by Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington and hearty recommendations from Ronda Chervin and Bishop Richard Malone of Portland, Maine.

Pastors, listen up: One priest bought a thousand copies (at bulk discount) so that he could give The Gospel Truth to each and every household in his parish. It’s a great way to do adult education. You get all the families going in the same direction, steered by the liturgy. You won’t find the book on Amazon, only at Ken’s place.

2 thoughts on “Teach and Preach Like the Fathers

  1. This sounds very good, just in general. But also it has the advantage of pointing out that the readings aren’t randomly chosen and do fit together. A good chunk of Catholics who attend Mass all the time have never really gotten this.

  2. Forwarded the info on the book to our RCIA guy and the Faith Formation director.

    Thanks for the lead.

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