One thought on “Fathers Feeding Prayer

  1. Hi Mike,
    You get up early?
    Thanks for this post, every post, your work, your books. Pray for each other and families this new year? – for all your bloggers!

    GOD please continue to Bless

    PS I ordered some Companions to the Catechism for my two away at college students – thinking it’s going to help me sleep better. I, by chance, saw and now have read “Gospel, Catechisis, Catechism – Sidelights on the Catechism” by C.Joe R. 1O1 pages and truer “Introduction to Christianity” at 380 pages. He’s a demanding teacher for us beginners. This little book was a confidence builder. It had some great insights even on the Apostles’Creed; and I can’t claim they were a rediscovery.

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