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If You Can Drive to Youngstown

If you visit often, you’ve heard me gush about the work of the Society of St. John Chrysostom (Youngstown-Warren, Ohio Chapter). The society promotes ecumenical dialogue of the east-west variety. Most members belong to Orthodox or Catholic churches. I’ve had the honor of speaking twice in their lecture series (though I am not worthy to fasten the sandalstrap of the other speakers).

Next up is Dominican Father Giles Dimock, who will speak on Summorium Pontificium, the recent motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI dealing with the liturgy. Father Giles will consider how the implementation of the motu proprio might influence east-west ecumenical dialogue. The meeting is Tuesday, January 15, at 7 p.m. as St. Dominic’s Church, 77 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown.

Hope you can make it!

Here’s a nice quote from SSJC’s most recent e-newsletter. It’s from Thomas Merton’s journal, April 28, 1957:

I can unite in myself, in my own spiritual life, the thought of the East and the West, of the Greek and Latin Fathers, I will create in myself a reunion of the divided Church and from that unity in myself can come the exterior and visible unity of the Church. For if we want to bring together East and West we cannot do it by imposing one upon the other. We must contain both in ourselves, and transcend both in Christ.

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  1. Fr. Giles! I wish I could come up and hear “everyone’s favorite Dominican at FUS”….but alas.

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