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Now to Vow

You should visit A Vow of Conversation. Sister Macrina reads deeply in the Fathers and blogs eloquently. For some time, she’s been pondering Andrew Louth’s Discerning the Mystery: An Essay on the Nature of Theology. She posted an excerpt, The Fathers on Theologia, that you should read.

It illuminates this paragraph from the Catechism:

236 The Fathers of the Church distinguish between theology (theologia) and economy (oikonomia). “Theology” refers to the mystery of God’s inmost life within the Blessed Trinity and “economy” to all the works by which God reveals himself and communicates his life. Through the oikonomia the theologia is revealed to us; but conversely, the theologia illuminates the whole oikonomia. God’s works reveal who he is in himself; the mystery of his inmost being enlightens our understanding of all his works. So it is, analogously, among human persons. A person discloses himself in his actions, and the better we know a person, the better we understand his actions.

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