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Showing Off Sheba

The Ethiopian Church has been much in the news lately, especially as archeologists dig to expose its most ancient roots. Smithsonian ran a big story not long ago, as did the New York Times. Italy made headlines when it sent a huge ancient obelisk back to Axum. And everybody’s talking about the discovery of the Queen of Sheba’s palace, with its supposed altar for the Ark of the Covenant.

Now, Catholic Near East Welfare Association has published a feature on the Ge’ez Church in its magazine One. If you don’t know CNEWA, you should. The folks there are working for peace, genuine ecumenism, and authentic development in the troubled lands that were once home to the Church Fathers. Donors get a subscription to the magazine, which often includes fascinating snatches of patristics and archeology — snatches that often find their way to this blog! So make a donation today and start your subscription.