2 thoughts on “Judas Kiss-Off

  1. When this thing came out two years ago (and WASN’T it a coincidence that it was at Easter?? No agenda here..) I was in line at a store checkout. Ahead of me was a woman with a basket full of Easter stuff; candy, fake eggs, plastic grass…And a copy of the Gospel of Judas. I was so close to speaking to her to say “Why don’t you make up your mind?”.
    How nice to see that honesty may have broken in on the National Geographic crew. I think they’ve run out of mountains to climb, rivers to explore and too many people are bored by underwater photos. Time to rewrite history and religion…

  2. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Channels like the Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, History Channel et al have been pushing an agenda to discredit traditional understanding of the old and new testament for years. Unfortunately, the revelation of Nat Geo’s unscholarly, misleading, and biased reporting will reach a much smaller audience then the sensational hyped fiction did.

    As to the “researchers”, all one can say is shame on you for your complicity. Was the money and 15 minutes of fame really worth your reputations? With charity, I hope the “errors” were one of carelessness, but one wonders. If every “error” casts Judas in a positive light, rather than a 50/50 chance of going either way, what does that say?

    Better the tome had turned to ashes then lead even one soul to perdition.

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