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Greek Fire

We raised our cries as one after another Patrologia Graeca site vanished from the Web. The folks at Logos software have heard and answered us.

There’s another clean, safe place to browse the Patrologia Graeca… a newly available electronic format from Logos Bible Software.

Not only is it well-organized and searchable, but it also contains encoded links to Philip Schaff’s Early Church Fathers.

And if there’s enough interest, Logos will do the Patrologia Latina as well.

Thought you might like to know!

Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Greek Fire

  1. This site also has the entire PG and PL online (for free!). It’s a bit difficult to navigate, but if you go to the search bar at the bottom and search by the name of the father you are looking for it’s quite simple.

  2. Danny, from what I understand, the texts available at that site have been illegally taken from the TLG. If that’s truly the case (it came from Carl Conrad on the B-Greek list), then I’d take caution in using them.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know they were illegal.

  4. As anyone can see, prof. Pantelia, chief of the TLG, California University Irvine, authorized to post files coming from the Migne PG and copyrighted by the TLD itself.
    Thefore, this site does not hold any pirated texts.
    We expect a formal excuse.
    Giuseppe Sanro
    The Rector of the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas

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