One thought on “Why Catholics Make Better Dog-Lovers

  1. Hi Mike,

    Our first dog, Toby, we named because my husband was reading Tobit on his way to work everyday while working out of town and riding in a van. That was back in 1976. Toby was not a male dog, but a female and beloved pet. She lived with us for 15 years, but we had to leave her in CA. when we moved back to NE in 1991. I’ve been a dog lover all of my life,and only like cats if they’re …well, more “dog-like.” Some cats are sort of like dogs. We had one that was like a Puppy Cat (the title of a rather strange childrens’ book in my youth) for a short time in the mid 80’s. Now we’ve had 3 dogs in our married life and they add so much. Our little dog, Tigger, is going on 12 and still energetic and playful as a puppy. We had a German Shepherd for 6 years. We bought her when she was 5 and our boys were still at home. We think in the end she died of extreme ennui, being smarter than all of 4 of us combined. Tigger is a mix breed we saved from imminent death. She’s pretty smart and knows all of her toys by name, but she has no papers or a “doggy degree.” We miss Abigail, Dutchess of the Night, as was her registered name found on her canine dossier, but Tigger seems to thrive around us and I’m glad to be the “alpha dog” once again. :) Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

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