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Pelosi Z’d

Nancy Pelosi and her minions keep digging the hole deeper, eagerly employing Augustine’s faulty, pre-modern embryology but rejecting Augustine’s moral conclusions, which jibe with the far more permanent Ten Commandments. Father Z has a brilliant ongoing analysis of the matter as it develops.

One thought on “Pelosi Z’d

  1. Boy, digging the hole deeper indeed. At first it seemed easy to dismiss the problem as the Speaker of the House getting caught off guard, with the result that she made an unfortunately inaccurate comment about Catholic tradition and teaching. Then maybe some unfortunate hubris in being unwilling to back off the statements once the Archbishop of Denver called her on it.

    But with the comment of Joe Biden that was published today (“My views are totally consistent with Catholic social doctrine.”), one wonders if a Republican operative has ingeniously worked his way into the inner DNC workings as a trusted advisor and now, at the most opportune moment, systematically convinced their big names that these ideas of theirs really are in accord with Catholic teaching, knowing that they’d make fools of themselves by saying so publicly.

    Geez people, get a Catechism.

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