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In the Grain

Kevin at Biblicalia has posted an excellent review of Father Michael Giesler’s novel Grain of Wheat. Here are snippets:

The book is the third in a trilogy following the lives of several Christians in the mid to late second century city of Rome, from the end of Hadrian’s reign into that of Antoninus Pius…

The story itself is gripping. There is the accurate depiction of a palpable anxiety among the Christians, whose religion was illegal, and who were required to meet in private homes, which could potentially result in exposure by a jealous friend, or embittered slave or family member … The incidental details in the book show the author is very familiar with the period, and has done his research well. The setting is sufficiently authentic and yet without annoying extraneous detail that the picture given of Rome is lively and believable. This is a very enjoyable book. I hope the series will continue.

I think perhaps one of the best things I can say about this book is that I couldn’t put it down. It was a pleasant and a quick read (one late night). I would estimate its reading level to be young adult, so it should be fitting for any teenaged reader and upward.

It’s best to start with the first two books of the trilogy, Junia and Marcus. My review of those books is here.

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  1. Thanks, Mike! I’ll have to pick up the first two, too. I hope he keeps going with them. There’s still one character who we know is martyred who hasn’t been yet by the end of the book.

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