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Interpreting Ephesians

Ancient Christian gravesites found in Ephesus:

The Ephesus excavations representative of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, Dr. Soner Ateşoğulları, also said … the tomb reflected the development level of the era in terms of architecture and jewelry and that it was an important part of culture history, Ateşoğulları said they concluded that the older skeletons were Pagan while the subsequent ones were Christian.

You can tell by the skeleton.

6 thoughts on “Interpreting Ephesians

  1. Thanks for the heads up on a very importnat find. (Have I ever mentioned that you should visit Ephesus yourself?)

    Also, I caught your wicked commentary on the sophisticated dating methods archaeologists sometimes employ. Very amusing!

  2. Carl: I knew I could smoke you out by mentioning Ephesus.

    You may have suggested, once or twice, that I should visit there. But I don’t want to go without you!

  3. Just name the time, my friend!

  4. First comes the money, then the time!

  5. There’s a joke somewhere in here about Eph-ing. :)

  6. A colleague of mine used to talk about metaphysics as effing the ineffable.

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