2 thoughts on “Ways of Fathers (Like Me)

  1. After looking closely at what has been happening around us of late, your comments about your relationship with Terry come as a true breath of fresh air. Being single, I have on many occasions felt left out of the wonderful experience of conversation with someone close to me. And that ability to communicate is a lost art in today’s “whatever” society. Good on you, Mike. And please tell Terry the same. Finally, you mention that you both turn your hearts to God where truly all good things come. That is why your books make so much sense. You have never lost your focus or your compass.

  2. Both the longing and the partial fulfillment are graces that impel us homeward, though by different routes. To me at least the routes seem like those Virginia highways that run parallel most of the time and then become the same road for miles at a stretch. Track 9 on Whistleworks II is a rather profound meditation on these mysteries.

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