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A Tome for Tomorrow …

… is announced today. I just got word that Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the Catholic Bible Dictionary, edited by Scott Hahn. It was my privilege to contribute a little bit to this volume. It weighs in at 992 pages, very patristic in its approach, all for a low, low price. It’s not out till Spring, but you can reserve your copy today.

6 thoughts on “A Tome for Tomorrow …

  1. Let me be the first to say, “Happy Birthday!!!”

    Everyone go buy one of Mike’s books for his birthday :-).

    Hey Mike, I just realized that I’m 2 months older than the president-elect. I’ve never been older than the president before. Scary.

  2. Happy birthday, Mkie!

    BTW, when does Dr. Hahn sleep? The man’s output is prodigious!

  3. He sleeps on Groundhog Day during leap years.

  4. Mike,

    This looks very interesting. Can you give us an idea of the “feel” for the book? Does it basically list biblical terms (“grace”, “faith”, etc.) and define them from a biblical, patristic, scholastic, and/or modern approach? Does it also include entries on each biblical figure and event?

    (I’m betting that the term “covenant” has the longest entry). :)

  5. Well, Mike, when you say the book is due out in “Spring”, you’re correct, barely. One June 16 (Amazon’s projected date) the days are just about beginning to get shorter.

    But that is a very good price for a hard bound 1000 page book. They must be expecting a pretty good sized print run.

  6. I love the cover picture, ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’, which I have seen in person in the cathedral of Ghent. I am looking forward to the book.

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