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E.T., Write Home (Pseudonymously)

Jim Davila at PaleoJudaica just shot a blast from my childhood. Anybody else remember Rod Serling hosting In Seach of Ancient Astronauts? It was an NBC-TV documentary purporting that many ancient mysteries (Stonehenge, Easter Island, etc.) could only be explained as the work of extra-terrestrials. The genius behind the explanations was Erich von Däniken.

Now, Jim tells us, von Däniken has turned his attention to the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, where he sees abundant evidence of the patriarchs and prophets cavorting with aliens.

6 thoughts on “E.T., Write Home (Pseudonymously)

  1. In Search of Ancient Astronauts was one of the few television shows that caused me to sleep with the light on. I always thought that von Daniken was sort of “wired to the moon”. But it was that very show that helped me to accurately pronounce the name “Quetzalcuatl”.

  2. Rod Serling’s voice will do it every time, Bob. After you’ve heard a few syllables, you’re already imagining caterpillars laying eggs in your brain.

  3. The idea of NASA trying to build a spaceship to Ezekiel’s specifications, and being puzzled when they end up with the Temple of Solomon, is too comical for words: “Where’s the control panel, Jim?” “I don’t know, Fred, but here’s where the incense goes!”

  4. I didn’t know Erich was still around. What joy! In the 60’s and 70’s any Christian was liable to be told dismissively that the bible was just about astronauts. Of course in the 80’s new “real meanings” were invented to keep the plebs minds closed. But I still think Erich had better artwork!

  5. I remember this! I read von Daniken’s book and watched the show. It was scary, but at the time it was wonderful to contemplate his ideas. Now, they just seem silly to me. I can’t imagine what he’ll come up with now.

  6. I could tell it wasn’t true, but he really did have a way of spotting interesting stuff and helping you remember it. And I have to admit that he made Ezekiel stick in my mind! :)

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