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Deep-Dish Fun

I just got back from a trip with Junior to Chicago. Despite the wind chill, we had a delightful time. By chance (?), I managed to attend a Mass celebrated by my spiritual director from many years ago, Father Ed Maristany, author of Loving the Holy Mass and Call Him Father: How to Experience the Fatherhood of God. I hadn’t seen him in years. Junior and I stayed at the apartment of my friend Gary Bilinovich, who manages the sprawling campus of St. Mary of the Angels Parish, and we ate, drank, and were merry with my oft-quoted buddy Andy. We also made pilgrimage to meet Nancy Brown and her family. Nancy is the author of The Mystery of Harry Potter: A Catholic Family Guide and many excellent resources on G.K. Chesterton.

Too much fun. Now I have to catch up on posts for you, because the postal mail and email brought many great tidings of patristic joy.

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  1. Jolly smashing! More GKC resources! A new favorite of my son. Hiya, Mike. Our prayers for our kids are being answered as I type. Our oldest, Justin, is in RCIA in Dallas and enjoying his classes very much. He’s a lawyer, and his RCIA instructors are both canon lawyers, so it’s right ‘up his alley’ and we are happy to say the least. We also introduced him to GKC last year and he’s now quite fond of him, as everyone is who discovers the brilliant bard. I shall pass this information on to him, post haste. Blessings to you and yours. ~ susie

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