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I hope everyone enjoyed the game last night — and those of you who wear pacemakers have had the contraptions recalibrated.

Ich bin ein Pittsburgher, having moved here in 1986. But even when I was growing up on the east side of the state (Eagles territory), I was a Steelers fan. Since I never grew, my Franco Harris jersey fit me till it was threadbare.

I considered concocting an ironic post gleaned from Tertullian’s polemic on The Games. But I concluded that it would be unfair, today, to restart our conversation over whether the guy was a heretic.

5 thoughts on “Steelers

  1. Was there a football game last night or something?

  2. I wanted the Cardinals to win yesterday–I love Kurt Warner from his time here in St. Louis–but what a fantastic game! And yes, football has some similarities to Roman forms of entertainment, with the notable difference that usually no one dies.

  3. I’m still laughing over the short joke. ahhhh, so funny!

  4. Thank GOD they didn’t use Tertullian in writing the sections of the catechism that address sports, especially 1882 and 2187. I can’t even imagine what Pittsburgh would be like without sports.

  5. Was there a FOOTBALL game yesterday? Ohhhhhh my.

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