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Martyr, She Wrote

Last year I did some consulting work for a new series titled Catholic Heroes of the Faith. I just received the good news that their first two video offerings are available for order: the animated Saint Perpetua Story and the documentary Saint Perpetua: Martyr of the Faith. (I’m talking, on camera and off, through a good bit of the latter.) The website’s very cool. They’ve posted the full text of The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity. They have all sorts of downloadable goodies, like coloring pages and posters. There are also video snippets everywhere. This stuff’s ideal for Catholic-school religion, CCD, or homeschool use.

2 thoughts on “Martyr, She Wrote

  1. Very cool! Congratulations!

    (This math thing in your comments cracks me up. It always makes me panic that I’ve forgotten my multiplication tables!)

  2. Oh,Mike… I’m not surprised that you’d get such good publicity at a time when I get such good news about my heart condition. Remember when I asked you if I could offer up my suffering for any intention you had? You mentioned the work you were doing on St. Perpetua! :)

    She’s been praying for us! Maryella

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