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Pittsburgh’s Known for Catch-Up

It’s not quite fifty-seven varieties, but here’s my backlog of recent links. Sorry for the delays!

Maureen picks up a Cyprian allusion in a recent papal document.

Roger Pearse points us to a list of CSEL volumes with links to Google books, and an interesting bit on the Fathers and inerrancy.

Sister Macrina catalogs patristic audio available free online.

Phil has posted a patristic carnival.

Ben C. Smith has concluded his series on the New Testament canons of the patristic era. Feel free to applaud. This is a great achievement.

Roger’s also posting lively translations¬†of the letters of Isidore of Pelusium: “It is necessary, my dear chap, to persuade your listeners by facts that the kingdom of heaven exists, and then to get those who listen to want it. However listeners let themselves be persuaded when they see their teacher acting in a way worthy of the kingdom. But if he philosophizes on the kingdom, while acting in a manner which deserves punishment, as you have done, how can he persuade his listeners? He acts like a man trying to persuade people to desire something which he has previously persuaded them does not exist!”

Adrian Murdoch has posted a ton of good material on archeology. I haven’t been keeping up with my links. Do go and read through his recent archives.