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Season Your Psalter

The new book is in!

Praying the Psalms with the Early Christians, co-authored with Chris Bailey, with whom I wrote The Grail Code.

What a joy to read the Psalms as they were read in the early Church. For us, as for the first Christians, the Psalms are a treasury of counsel for ordinary living, insight into the power of the sacraments, praise for God’s glory and mercy, and love for his kingdom, which is the Catholic Church. The Fathers call King David to witness as they preach fidelity in marriage, kindness in speech, and even the mercies of purgatory. As we pray this book, we recognize that ancient Church as our own, and we raise our prayer in unision — no, in communion — with the saints of long ago, who are living still.

— Scott Hahn
Professor of Scripture and Theology
Franciscan University of Steubenville

This June, Chris and I will be helping to host a pilgrimage with Happy Catholic.