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Free Patristic Audio

Commenter Stephan drives a truck and is looking for good patristic audio to keep him company in the cab. 

The goldmine, of course, is the site of Maria Lectrix, which has a whole section dedicated to the Fathers in English translation. (And more linked here.)

iTunes U is offering good stuff from the Augustinian Institute, including lectures by  John Cavadini, John Kenney, Lewis Ayres, and others. I don’t know if it’s possible to link to these, but if you have iTunes you know how to get the files. While you’re at iTunes, search on “early Christianity” and you’ll also find lectures by Thomas Oden (editor of the Ancient Christian Commentary series) and Darrell Bock, whose book The Missing Gospels I reviewed here).

Not too long ago, Sister Macrina posted links to some patristic audio.

I’ve posted some radio interviews and stuff.

A couple years back, a young Orthodox seminarian posted files of lectures by Father Andrew Louth, and I linked from here — but his blog has vanished. Anyone know where the files went?

Anyone know other sources of free patristic audio?

4 thoughts on “Free Patristic Audio

  1. Wow – I would really love to get hold of lectures by Fr Louth!

    Thanks for the link, too.

  2. Huge thanks for these! I’ve already listened to Ayers and others.

  3. Your question about the Louth lectures picqued my curiosity. I found the originals Dan Greeson had posted here, on the website of the lecture location: (in Windows Media format). On that page are a number of other interesting lectures.

    Since the wma format convenient, I converted them to MP3 files here:
    Andrew Louth
    The relevance of the Church Fathers today
    Maximum the Confessor and Modern Science

  4. oops didn’t prrrroooofread very well before posting..

    Since the wma format isn’t always convenient, I made them into mp3s, linked here:
    The Relevance of the Church Fathers today
    Maximus the Confessor and Modern Science

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