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Unearthing Apocrypha

Alert from Jim Davila¬†PaleoJudaica: “The book of 2 Enoch, previously known only in versions in Old Church Slavonic, has now been partly recovered in an earlier Coptic translation. The fragments were found nearly four decades ago and the transcriptions and photos have been sitting unnoticed for many years.”

He also points us to a nice profile of St. Jerome. (Don’t forget Jerome’s theme song, “The Thunderer,” penned by Rock n Roll Hall-of Famer Dion.)

2 thoughts on “Unearthing Apocrypha

  1. Dion had some help from Phyllis McGinley, of course. II’d never heard the song, but I really like her poems about the saints. We first read them when a family friend sent us the one about Bridget, that being my sister’s name.)

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