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No Migne Feats

A Russian site has posted Migne’s Patrologia Graeca in its entirety. Can it last? Hat tip: Adrian Murdoch.

Speaking of Migne … Were he alive today, maybe he’d be blogging. And if he were blogging, he’d maybe be as productive as Roger Pearse. If you haven’t been keeping up with Roger’s projects, do check in and read through the archives. A patristiblogger could do nothing but follow Roger’s work and still stay very busy.

5 thoughts on “No Migne Feats

  1. Spot-checking, it seems the files lack all column references. That’s nearly useless if you’re trying to look anything up.

    Despite the icky quality, page images are the way to go with Migne. For the PG, then you’ve got the Latin translation at hand, too, and all notes are available. These projects that just focus on the text, apparently using some kind of OCR, miss the point of having *both* a readable text and one useful as a reference.

  2. Kevin makes good points, but the electronic versions have their uses. As we get more automated parsing tools, it will be possible to use these texts even without 256 years of studying Greek.

    What we need, I agree, is something like google books; page images with references, but also the electronic version.

  3. Not a complete feat though- Try to find more than a listing of the works of Leontios of Byzantion. There should have been the equivalent of 156 columns in PG 86. I guess there is much more missing. Anyway, Im am more happy for the cheese than annoyed over the holes in it!

  4. Interesting. These appear to be the pdfs of Migne – or rather the Greek only from Migne- that were originally prepared by a Greek university and posted at (Δρόμοι της Πίστης) which has been offline for a while. Hmm.

  5. I Thought these were all on The Internet Archive…They certainly have some thoa lot of IA scans are sloppy & even unreadable…Bob

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