3 thoughts on “Truth Is Marching On

  1. Would you please let us know your thoughts on about the march this year?

  2. Mike,

    Just got back from the march, with my eldest daughter and her friends. It was my first. Powerful experience. Hope the world was watching and contemplating our message!

  3. Hi Mark! I don’t have any special thoughts about this year’s March. I’ve been going since 1987 or so, and the crowd seems to grow steadily. This year my family and I found ourselves standing behind the stage, so we couldn’t hear anything in the program — which is fine by me. In all my years of attending, I’ve heard just one address I’d rank as memorable. Since we were away from the sound system, we could actually have conversations with the folks around us, who were much more interesting than politicians. I don’t mean any disrespect. I’m grateful for the work they do. I just don’t have an ear tuned up for appreciation of their rhetoric.

    This year’s crowd seemed especially large — but I’m judging only by the amount of time I spent waiting for a Metro at Union Station. Train after train passed, already filled to capacity. We waited quite a long time. That’s never happened to us before.

    The crowd gets younger over time, too. That gives me hope. It would be good to change the law and the precedents. it would be better to change the culture, as the Fathers did, one soul at a time, one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time.

    It’s a diverse crowd. It’s a huge crowd. I’m amazed that the event continues to grow, paralyzing the nation’s capital for a full day every year — a weekday, in the dead of winter. Every year, a Woodstock’s worth of folks care enough to make tremendous sacrifices to show solidarity with the poorest of the poor, the most vulnerable people in our nation. This is the single greatest human-rights issue of our time. That’s why this extraordinary event has established itself as something ordinary.

    We were pleased to see your old friend Keith Rothfus had a very visible presence on the sidelines.

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