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The Real St. Valentine: Get Ready for V. Day

Today I spoke with the Great and Powerful Al Kresta about The Real St. Valentine. Watch us here. (OK, so I’m a little stiff. I was nervous.)

You’ll find a great — and FREE — graphic novel about St. Valentine at the website of Catholic Heroes of the Faith. It’s written by yet another hero of the faith, Carl Sommer.

Catholic Heroes of the Faith is building up an impressive array of free graphic novels, including three about subjects from the patristic era. Little kids with a patrological bent have never had it so good.

And don’t forget: if you register at the Catholic Heroes of the Faith website, you can download Perpetua’s Song for free.

2 thoughts on “The Real St. Valentine: Get Ready for V. Day

  1. Thanks again, Mike! Modesty forces me to admit, however, that I did not write the story of St. Nicholas. I did, however, consult with them for a few minutes on the storyline. I did write the stories of St. Valentine and St. Damien. The Damien story is historically accurate; the Valentine story is an elaboration of pious legend. But we do know that Valentinus of Rome was on the Liturgical calendar in 354, and was martyred during the reign of Claudis II (268-207). I used it as an opportunity to teach young children about martyrdom in the Roman Empire, and about the Church’s teachings on love and marriage. A fun project!

  2. By the way, you were a little stiff. Perhaps you should try some relaxation exercises before going on live TV like that!

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