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Mysteries in Season

Some years back, Scott Hahn and I compiled a collection of readings from the Fathers, designed to be read devotionally during the “mystagogy” phase of RCIA — or by anyone, really, over a fifty-day period. The book’s called Living the Mysteries. It just received a very nice review from Patty Bonds at Abba’s Little Girl.

I just finished the most amazing book. It’s called “Living The Mysteries” by Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina. Actually, the meat of the book is written by several of the Early Church Fathers who write on the mysteries of the faith. It is the perfect book for this time of year for those who have just entered the faith. I wish I had been taken through this book as part of the RCIA program I was involved in. We all know how woefully lacking so many RCIA programs are. (Except for St. Thomas the Apostle, where RCIA is what it was meant to be.)

The Fathers take us through each of the Sacraments. Not just what they mean and how they are administered, but what their basis is and what they will accomplish in our lives if we are open to them. It’s like a tour through the channels of grace that bring us new life from the author of life. I’ve never read anything that explains the Sacraments so well…

Read on. It’s a lovely review.