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Grave Matter

You’ve probably already seen coverage of the discovery of a Roman Era mass grave for unwanted newborns. Roger Pearse has posted a stunning reflection on the “casual evil” of Roman life. You must read it.

It’s not the first such discovery. You’ll find the story of Ashkelon’s sewer clogged with newborns here.

I hope you’ve read Rodney Stark’s The Rise of Christianity, which treats this subject in chilling detail.

The archeologists seem sure that the recent find must have been associated with a brothel. But I’ve seen no evidence to lead to that conclusion. Why pass off on the prostitutes what was acceptable in polite company?

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  1. The article mentions that they’re planning to do DNA tests on the bones found at the site. Should they find that there’s not a high degree of family relationships between the remains (i.e., not from the same mothers), they’ll have to revise their thesis that the site is a brothel…

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