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Going Underground

These are boom times for Christian archeology. While I was writhing with kidney stones last week, I could still enjoy the news of the discovery of the earliest images of the apostles. I thought Catholic News Service’s account was fascinating (here with a postscript here). You’ll find other details and photos, though, in the Daily Mail, CNN, and the BBC.

In related news: CNS posted another neat piece on archeology in Rome. And Bulgarian archeologists think they’re closing in on one of Constantine’s palaces.

4 thoughts on “Going Underground

  1. Prayers for your quick recovery!

  2. HI Mike,
    So sorry to hear of your illness. We really hope your doing better. The picture of your daughters is wonderful. They look like great kids. We are saving our money for the next trip to the Holy Land in 2011. We hope your going.

    All the best
    Patrice and Bob McKenna
    (remember us, the “scarf” couple from N.Y.)

  3. Hi Patrice and Bob! Remember you? I think of you all the time! The scarves are in regular use. I am planning to be there in 2011. It’ll be great to spend time together again.

  4. I’m very sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Get well soon.

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