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One Is Silver and the Other …

Today the Aquilinas mark twenty-five years of wedded bliss. What did the Fathers have to say about this “silver anniversary” stuff? Here’s Leo the Great:

In a great house, as the Apostle explains, there must needs be various vessels, some of gold and of silver, and some of wood and of earth: but their purpose varies with the quality of their material, and the use of the precious and of the cheap kinds is not the same. For everything will be in disorder if the earthen ware be preferred to the golden, or the wooden to the silver. And as the wooden or earthen vessels are a figure of those men who are hitherto conspicuous for no virtues; so in the golden or silver vessels they no doubt are represented who, having passed through the fire of long experience, and through the furnace of protracted toil have deserved to be tried gold and pure silver.

My wife, Terri, has taken to the refinement rather well — well enough for both of us, I hope. She’s the purest of silver, by Leo’s standard or anybody’s, and should attain golden well in advance of our fiftieth.

I remember my dad (God rest his soul) telling my niece Melissa that he hoped to sneak into heaven by hiding behind his wife. Melissa responded that, unless he lost a lot of weight, he wasn’t gonna be hiding behind anybody.

I’d better get in shape.

9 thoughts on “One Is Silver and the Other …

  1. Congratulations and many blessings! :)

  2. Congratulations, Mike and Terri! May the next 25 be even better.

  3. Congratulations, and my God continue to bless you and your wife!

  4. You can really hide stuff pretty good there Mike. Best wishes and blessings abound!!!!

  5. Congratulations Mike and Terri! We love you both and wish you many more joyous years together! :)
    Doug and Susan

  6. Thanks for celebrating with us!

  7. Congratulations!!! You’re both still such a beautiful couple.

  8. Congratulations, Mike and Terri. You hide behind your wife … I’m still working the “invincible ignorance” angle. Let’s compare notes on the other side ….

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