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Reliquary Roundup

Archeological discoveries (and inventions, Helenesque and otherwise) have been piling up …

Asia Times reports on joint efforts of Israel and the Vatican to excavate, preserve, and promote holy sites.

CNS gives a history (with photos) of Rome’s ancient Mamertine prison, where, according to tradition, St. Peter was incarcerated.

See photos of Psalms inscribed in a cave near Nag Hammadi in Egypt (where the Gnostic cache was found).

The Jerusalem Post visited the Jewish catacombs at Rome’s Villa Torlonia (echoes of my book Signs and Mysteries: Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols, illustrated by Lea Marie Ravotti).

A manuscript found in an Ethiopian monastery could be world’s oldest illustrated Christian work — fourth-century Gospels in Ge’ez.

And I’m sure you’ve read and heard all about the supposed “discovery” of John the Baptist’s relics in Bulgaria.

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