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Please Help a Man in Need

A regular visitor asks:

Is there any well-respected Internet forum where the writings of the Early Church Fathers are discussed? I have recently been reading the Fathers in more detail, rather than just skipping over the bits I don’t quite understand. I’ve bought books of commentary which are good, but I’m really looking for an online community where I can ask questions and discuss what I’ve read. Until now I have just used “Sacred Scripture” section of

Do you know of any? Help!

3 thoughts on “Please Help a Man in Need

  1. A search in Yahoo uncovered but it has had sporadic activity, especially recently.

  2. You can try here:

    There is a section called:

    In Depth: Texts, Sources and Fathers

    God bless!

  3. Thanks Fr. Kyrillos – this looks like just the thing I was looking for :)

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