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Happiness Is …

Reading the blog Happy Catholic always makes me a happy Catholic. But it’s an ecstasy when I land there and find an appreciative review of one of my books. This week she scrutinized my book A Year with the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living. I’m pleased that she appreciates not only the Fathers’ words, but also the design of the book, which is itself an act of devotion and a stunning work of the bookbinder’s art.

Here are some snips:

Aquilina’s passion for the wisdom of the Fathers always is passed on to readers in such a way that they appreciate the Fathers for themselves, which is no easy feat when one considers how long ago they wrote.

… This is not simply a collection of interesting or informative excerpts from the Church Fathers’ archives. It is a well-planned, daily retreat that is designed to progress through a year with the ancient Fathers as spiritual guides. The 365 meditations are intended to move the reader, with prayer and contemplation, to a deeper life with Jesus Christ.

… This book is a beautiful thing that reflects the value of the words within it to our souls. The cover may not be actual leather but it certainly feels like it. Pages are gilt-edged. A sturdy ribbon marker matches the cover. Moreover, the book design is elegant and decorative in an understated but classic way. A Year with the Fathers is not only useful but a book that could become an heirloom in your family. Readers will know that I do not give this praise lightly.

Oh, please read the rest.

3 thoughts on “Happiness Is …

  1. Nice review. For me it is never about how the book is presented. It could be made out of cheap material or expensive. What is more important is the riches of the counsel within the book itself.

    Pax Christi

  2. I agree, Stephen. Some of my most treasured books are photocopied and kept in a three-ring binder. It does make a difference to the designer, though, and I’m always pleased when artisans get the recognition they deserve.

  3. I see what you mean. The gift of art is one that comes from the Lord and our desire to clothe his word in beatiful bindings is a poor attempt on our part to give him glory. So the same can be said with many books that honor and clothe the wise counsel of the Saints. Its either/or I suppose.

    Pax Christi

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