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St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Caught between St. Patrick yesterday and St. Joseph tomorrow is the great St. Cyril of Jerusalem, one of my favorite Church Fathers. Cyril’s catechetical and mystagogical sermons are not only great reads, but packed with precious details about the faith and practice of the Church at mid-fourth century. He gives us one of the most complete and vivid descriptions of the sacramental rites.

Cyril was born about 315; died probably 18 March, 386. His famous “Catecheses” were likely delivered around 347. He must have been as great a teacher in person as he is on paper. A pilgrim from Spain witnessed the mystagogical sermons in his church, and she wrote down what she saw for her friends at home: “While the bishop discusses and sets forth each point, the voices of those who applaud are so loud that they can be heard outside the church. And truly the mysteries are so unfolded that there is no one unmoved at the things that he hears to be so explained.”

So you needn’t hold back the applause while you read. Want to know St. Cyril better? Check out this study.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me how great Cyril of Jerusalem is! I went back and found this quoteo on the Holy Spirit: “Consider, I pray, of each nation, Bishops, Presbyters, Deacons, Solitaries, Virgins, and laity besides; and then behold their great Protector, and the Dispenser of their gifts;— how throughout the world He gives to one chastity, to another perpetual virginity, to another almsgiving, to another voluntary poverty, to another power of repelling hostile spirits. And as the light, with one touch of its radiance sheds brightness on all things, so also the Holy Ghost enlightens those who have eyes; for if any from blindness is not vouchsafed His grace, let him not blame the Spirit, but his own unbelief.”

  2. ‘Be careful that you do not lose anything of the Body of the Lord. If you let fall anything, you must think of it as though you cut off one of the members of your own body. Tell me, I beg you, if someone gave you kernels of gold, would you not guard them with the greatest care and diligence, intent on not losing anything? Should you not exercise even greater care and vigilance, so that not even a crumb of the Lord’s Body could fall to the ground, for It is far more precious than gold or jewels?’

    St. Cyril of Jerusalem

    Inspirational Quotes from the Saints


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