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Greek-English Inerlinear Apostolic Fathers

It’s out! Rick Brannan has finished his electronic, searchable, lovable Greek-English Interlinear of the Apostolic Fathers. It’s out from Logos — at a price I find impossible to refuse. I wish I’d had this every day of the last fifteen years!

He demonstrates just how useful this package can be in two blog posts, here and here.

This is the perfect toy to buy all the patristic nerds in your life this Christmas. It could keep them occupied for … well, forever.

UPDATE: The folks at Logos asked me to mention that there are other excellent Catholic products coming up. See here.

4 thoughts on “Greek-English Inerlinear Apostolic Fathers

  1. Wow, Mike. This must be just short of the beatific vision for you! (I have it on good authority that the beatific vision will of course include an “electronic, searchable, lovable Greek-English Interlinear of the Apostolic Fathers.”) :-)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Mike!

  3. Thsi is fantastic news!

  4. Thanks, Fred! I didn’t realize it would be electronic. I miss so much by not reading St. Thomas in the Latin!

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